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Materials & Equipment

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)
R & L Truss, Inc. chooses to exclusively use Southern Yellow Pine (SYP). It is our feeling that our customers deserve the best and to maximize strength, durability, longevity, and quality; we fabricate our trusses using SYP.
What is Southern Pine?
Lumber grown in a large number of southern states abiding by the grading rules of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB).
High Strength
Design values assigned to SYP are some of the highest for all soft woods.
2" thickness or less, must be Kiln dried to a moisture content of 19% or less.
Nail Holding
The ability of SYP to hold fasteners is among the highest of the soft woods. Drying enhances nail holding and reduces the tendency for "nail" pop associated with dry wall construction.
SYP is highly resistant to wear.
Various widths and lengths of the following grades dependent upon engineered requirements are utilized by R & L Truss, Inc.
Select Structural (SS)
High quality, relatively free of defective characteristics, which impair strength or stiffness. Recommended where high strength, stiffness and good appearance are desired.
#2 Grade
Recommended for general utility and construction where moderately high design values are required. Allows well-spaced knots of any quality.
#3 Grade
Recommended for general construction purposes where appearance is not a controlling factor. Many pieces in this grade would qualify for #2, were it not for one limiting characteristic.
Machine Stress Rated (MSR)
Lumber that has been evaluated by mechanical stress rating equipment. MSR lumber is also subjected to extensive visual inspection and daily quality control review and approval.

Timber Mill 6-20G

Timber Mill 6-20G
Heavy-duty machine that uniquely combines base plane referencing and pivot axis elevation. Designed to cut all components for roof truss fabrication, the Timber Mill is a state-of-the art machine with advanced safety features and a proven track record.

Lumbermater 5000

Lumbermater 5000
The Lumbermater5000 is a powerful, flexible manufacturing system for the construction of roof trusses. The improved gantry embeds plates right the first time, with up to 58 tons of pressure.